Working Together to Create a Better Somerset

Inspiring and empowering communities and businesses
and fostering aspirations in our beautiful county.

Somerset Apple Orchard
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For everyone who loves Somerset:

Championing Somerset locally, nationally and internationally

At the heart of Somerset there's an organisation whose mission is to inspire and empower communities, businesses and all who live in Somerset to share a passion for Somerset and encourage pride in all it has to offer.

Welcome to Passion for Somerset - where inspiration, empowerment, and community pride flourish.

Passion for Somerset brings the people of Somerset together, supports its members, organises activities and initiatives for the greater good and works with individuals, communities and businesses throughout the county.

No other organisation does what we do - bringing together the historic county of Somerset and its three unitary authorities under one banner.

Passion for Somerset gathers 'all the people of Somerset' ('Sumorsǣte ealle' in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle) and promotes the Somerset brand.

Recognising Young People

The Pride of Somerset Youth Awards

The Pride of Somerset Youth Awards turn the spotlight on the extraordinary achievements of young individuals in our community.

Find out more about the categories that you can nominate amazing people in.

Pride of Somerset Youth Awards
Kilve beach

I love Somerset above all other counties in England. In particular, it has the best National Park in the whole world – Exmoor – where I have spent the happiest days of my life.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes


Kilve beach

Our Brands

We invest in initiatives that amplify the beauty, heritage and community spirit of our county.

Whether it's promoting local businesses, organising memorable events or unveiling unique Somerset treasures, our endeavours reflect our commitment to supporting and showcasing the best of Somerset.

Somerset Day

A Tribute to Our Rich Heritage

Somerset Day, May 11th, is celebrated annually over the second weekend in May and is a remarkable celebration of all that makes our county unique.

It's an annual event where we pay tribute to Somerset's vibrant culture, historical significance, and our wonderful communities. From traditional festivities to modern attractions, Somerset Day is an embodiment of our county's spirit. This special day serves as a reminder of our shared heritage and our collective passion for Somerset. Join us in these celebrations and experience the true essence of our beloved county.

Glastonbury Tor
Pride of Somerset Youth Awards

Recognising extraordinary achievements

The Pride of Somerset Youth Awards turn the spotlight on the extraordinary achievements of young individuals in our community.

These awards are dedicated to recognising the inspirational efforts and accomplishments of our young people who are shaping a brighter future with their unwavering determination and selfless actions.

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Behind Passion for Somerset:

Meet Our Team and Patrons

At the heart of Passion for Somerset is a dedicated team of individuals and patrons who share a love for our county.

Our board members bring a wealth of experience, passion, and commitment to championing Somerset's heritage, while our patrons are influential figures who lend their support and advocacy to our cause. Together, we strive to promote and preserve the unique charm of Somerset, creating initiatives that uplift our local community and showcase the best of our county. Get to know more about the driving forces behind Passion for Somerset.

Principal Partners
Hinkley Point C
Somerset Larder
Berensens Solicitors
Official Partners
Walpole Dunn
Western Fuel
Our County:

Embrace the spirit of Somerset

Experience the allure of Somerset and embrace its spirit.

From the rolling hills and picturesque countryside to the vibrant towns and historic landmarks, Somerset boasts a unique charm that captivates all who encounter it.

We embrace the spirit of Somerset, cherishing its traditions, culture and heritage while celebrating its modern-day innovations and progress. Our shared love for this remarkable county forms the foundation for everything we do.

30+ Beautiful beaches
8500+ Food and drink producers
36 National Trust properties
12 English Heritage sites
1007 Grade I listed buildings
131 National Parks, AONBs and SSSIs
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