Somerset Day 2023 achieves remarkable success, dominating social media platforms


Somerset Day 2023, the annual celebration of Somerset's rich heritage and culture saw the county decorated with flags and bunting and witnessed a phenomenal surge in social media engagement, solidifying its position as one of the most widely celebrated county days in the United Kingdom. The hashtag #somersetday trended on Twitter from 07:30 am on May 11th, surpassing last year's start time of 09:20am and showcasing the tremendous enthusiasm of participants across the country.

The impact of Somerset Day on Twitter was undeniable, as the hashtag remained in the top ten trending hashtags for a remarkable eight hours and reached the impressive position of number two at midday. This surge in popularity is due to the collective efforts of individuals, organisations and businesses across Somerset and their commitment to sharing the spirit of Somerset further afield.

With a staggering 34,100 interactions on social media, the #somersetday hashtag generated an additional 5,300 interactions compared to the previous year. The #somersetday and #flytheflagforkingandcounty hashtags reached an astonishing 17,614,581 users across various social media platforms.

A total of 4,782 individual organic posts mentioned the #somersetday and/or #flytheflagforkingandcounty hashtags on popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn on 11th May, highlighting the growing engagement and participation surrounding Somerset Day.

Somerset Day's online presence has flourished, garnering an impressive 14,400 followers across all social media channels. This signifies the growing influence and popularity of the event, as well as the dedicated efforts of the Somerset community in promoting their region's unique heritage and achievements.

Somerset Day 2023 captured the attention and imagination of people across the United Kingdom. The remarkable increase in engagement, reach, and followers is a testament to the appeal and significance of Somerset Day.

As preparations begin for Somerset Day 2024, the organisers are excited to build upon this year's success and work together with individuals, communities, businesses, and social media influencers to create an even more memorable celebration of Somerset's vibrant culture and history.

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