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The Pride of Somerset Youth Awards

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Pride of Somerset Youth Awards
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The Pride of Somerset Youth Awards turn the spotlight on the extraordinary achievements of young individuals in our community. These awards are dedicated to recognising the inspirational efforts and accomplishments of our young people who are shaping a brighter future with their unwavering determination and selfless actions.

Founded by the Rotary Club of Taunton, and now in their 17th year, the awards are jointly organised by Passion for Somerset CIC and Bridgwater & Taunton College and sponsored by This is Gravity with invaluable support from our partner organisations.

These awards celebrate the often unsung heroes among our Somerset young people. We honour those who have made a significant impact in the past year - whether through advocating for others, pursuing their dreams, or selflessly serving their community.

Nominated by the public and chosen by a panel of judges, our deserving winners are honoured in a ceremony at the McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater.

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If you know an inspirational young person who deserves to be recognised, nominate them for one of our ten categories:

Sporting Achievement Award

This award will highlight the very best excellence and achievement from young person or team in a sporting activity.

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Care Award

A young person who cares for a family member/neighbour and is making a real difference to their life.

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This award will honour a deserving young person/people who have been inspirational in their work to go above and beyond to help others.

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Community Hero

A selfless act by a young person/group that has made a real impact on their community, for example, litter picking, to fundraising and everything in between.

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Environmental Award

This award aims to highlight a young person/group who are dedicated to making a difference to the environment, whether they are doing their bit to help the fight against climate change, or cleaning up the streets in their local area etc.

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Outstanding Courage Award

Has a young person shown incredible courage, with an act that truly impacted on the life/lives of another.

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Young Person of the Year Award

This is for a young person who has shown true dedication to their cause, whether that be fundraising for a cause, excelling academically or anything else that has really made them stand out in their efforts.

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Championing Positive Mental Health Award

Do you know a young person who takes small actions every day to nurture and build their own mental resilience and emotional wellbeing? Do they go the extra mile to support and connect with others to help shift how people think about positive mental health? The young person’s positive behaviour should inspire others to show compassion and kindness

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Art and Culture Award

This award will highlight the very best excellence and achievement from young person or team in the Arts or cultural activity

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Sandy Padgett Award

Awarded to someone who has done something exceptional – the judges are looking for something that catches their eyes as being extra special.

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